Friday, June 19, 2009

"I've Been Everywhere" -- The German Auto Experience

It is time to end the German trip, go home, take a short trip to Mississippi, and then rest for a time in Centerville, Ohio, before getting back to writing history. I wanted to take stock of all the places I have been since May 8, 2009, related to the automobile industry in Germany.

1. Technical Museum of Baden-Wurrtemburg located in Mannheim

2. Ladenburg Benz Museum

3. Porsche Museum, Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

4. Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart

5. Audi Museum, Ingolstadt

6. BMW Plant, Leipzig -- 4 days

7. Porsche Museum and Archives, Zuffenhausen -- second time

8. Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart -- second time

9. Technical Museum, Munich, Transportation Section

10. Eisenach BMW Die/Stamping/Rolls Royce Development Center

11. Eisenach Opel Assembly Plant

12. Dresden "Glass Factory" VW Plant

13. Zwickau Audi Horch Museum

14. BMW Museum, Munich

15. Porsche Leipzig Assembly Plant and Track

And I might have missed something!

Special thanks to other UD faculty members -- Dr. Art Mosher, Sean Falkowski, and Becky Blust! And our wonderful 16 students -- I love you guys!

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