Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Porsche is back from the shop!!! A new clutch and a drained bank account.

This is what my clutch disc looked like upon removal from the car. Note the lack of lining and also damage to what should have been springs by comparing with photograph below.
My sorry-ass flywheel. Out of spec and with severe gouges and a very sharp outer edge. You'll be able to see this in my office once I clean it up.
Note wear points on clutch point. 39 years of service led to some alignment issues.
A Clutch Kit -- I got mine from Gripforce in CA
How it looks before you take the clutch out, and after separating the engine and clutch from the transmission

Flywheel blues -- my flywheel was scored and out of spec. So I had to buy a new flywheel for $589.00. New bolts are always called for, as the ones in use tend to stretch over time.
The main seal only costs $29.50 and should be replaced when replacing the clutch. This was the least of my problems.

Hi folks -- the many adventures of Lazarus, my car that has been raised from the dead. At Thanksgiving the clutch finally had its last stand -- there was considerable noise (metal on metal) whenever the clutch was disengaged. Two weeks later, and $2000+ later, the car is back in the garage with a smooth disengaging operation. What a time! Problems abounded with proper adjustment, worn fork, a broken trunnion, etc., etc . For a time I was so disgusted, I put the car up for sale on the PCA website! But I have softened my stance now that it is back home. Like beautiful women, beautiful cars come at a price. But are there really any options? A Prius?

All is well, now, however. I'll insert photos of the old parts tomorrow.

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