Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Did VW Dealer Service Become the Lowest Rated of all Makes in the U.S.?

There was a time when VW Dealer Service was the envy of the American auto industry. But if I am to believe a recent issue of Consumer Reports, VW now is in the inenviable position of having the worst dealer service according to consumer surveys in the U.S., among all makes of cars being sold here? How the mighty have fallen!

I have only had one recent experience with a VW dealer related to service, and that was actually several years ago when I took my daughter's 2003 Jetta in for routine matters in San Antonio. Most certainly, my first reaction to the entire affair was that it was expensive, far more expensive than it should have been. These people take their customers for granted, no way to be in today's business climate. And it seems that VW's office in the U.S. either doesn't have the will or the guts to clamp down on its dealers and force them to either be customer centered or to be forced out of the relationship.
We need a new generation of business leaders world wide it seems, ones who sweep away complacency and if need be, rule with fear, driving out the many bad apples that now are a part of our institutions.
The other issue with VW which is evident from reading consumer reports for years now is where did your quality go? There was a time when "Made in Germany" meant something. It seems now that VW, BMW, and Mercedes all make products that are at the bottom of the quality lists.

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  1. Nice job picking the most chauvinistic ad ever created. Way to go Dad :). And yes, my VW can be expensive!