Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Automobile and American Life: Quiz on Chapter 8, The Golden Age of the Automobile in America

Ok folks-- now we will see if any of my students ever look at the blog. This is their quiz for tomorrow. How many of these questions can you answer? You can find the right answers in my book, The Automobile and American Life (McFarland, 2009)!

HST 485
Dr. Heitmann
Quiz on Chapter 8

1. This University of Chicago theologian, after visiting the Chicago Auto Show in 1958, commented that the love of the automobile in America amounted to a religion. His name was ___________________.
2. Henry Gregor Felson wrote this book about cars for teenagers in the 1950s. Its main character was Bud Crayne. ____________________________.
3. This journalist wrote the important book Insolent Chariots in 1958, the first major critique of the American auto industry. _________________________.
4. This Ford executive formulated an important marketing strategy during he 1950s in which consumers were influenced to buy down rather than buy up – namely to buy accessorized, lower priced models. ________________________.
5. You watched this film about youth culture and the angst of youth during the 1950s in class last time. It stared James Dean. _________________________.
6. Another important book that was read by young men and women (especially young men!) during the 1950s was about sports cars. Its author was Don Stanford. ______________.
7. Name the two American sports cars that were introduced by GM and Ford in 1953 and 1955, respectively. __________________________ and _________________________.
8. Name the Hinton, WVA Ford dealer who is featured in chapter 8. ___________________.
9. Name the title of perhaps the first rock and roll song – its title featured a particular GM Brand. ________________________

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