Friday, February 11, 2011

University of San Diego student "Auto" Biography -- Jordan Jadallah, an Audi S4

Jordan Jadallah
February 9, 2011
American Automobile


“It’s here.” My dad said to me over the phone as my body filled with adrenaline, excitement and goose bumps.
“Oh my god. I’m on my way.”
It was just after 3:00 PM, my dismissal from my last class of the day at school. It is finally February 29th, 2010.
I ran to the parking lot and jumped in my car and immediately left. I was tempted to speed because I couldn’t wait, but didn’t, to avoid getting pulled over and having to wait 15, 20 minutes even longer.
3:20 PM. I got to my father’s office complex. There she was, parked in my dad’s spot. Brand new. Barely driven. Brilliant black color on the exterior complete with 5 spoke 19” wheels. It looked even more gorgeous in person and I couldn’t even believe it.
It was finally here.
My dad had just purchased a 2010 Audi S4, complete with the perfect combination of options. I used to have a Mazda 3, which I dearly missed until this day, and he used to have a 2008 Jaguar XK. We both got rid of the cars to buy the Audi and share it.
I got the key from my dad, and sat in the car. The speedometer read 42 miles, which didn’t last more than a minute. I pushed in the clutch, and put in the reverse, putting her in motion for the first time in our relationship. I already have a very good feeling that she was going to be the one. I slipped the car into first gear, and pulled onto the main street then shifted into second gear. I pushed down on the accelerator, not sure what to expect. I knew it packed 340 foot pounds of torque, but I had no idea what that would feel like. I immediately got sucked into the seat and let off the accelerator. It was fast, but incredibly smooth. I shifted directly in 5th gear at 45 miles per hour. The RPM gauge currently read around 2000, so it was quite low. I didn’t expect anything when I hit the accelerator again, when she suddenly lurched forward and shocked me with her torque.
Twenty minutes later, I came up to one of my favorite corners in the town. It was nearly 90 degrees to the right, and I had taken this so many times in my old Mazda. I took it at the same speed as I would have in the Mazda, and she laughed at me. I might as well have gone around the corner at 5 miles per hour. I went back and took the corner again, this time faster. I swear she said to me, “That’s all?” Third time going into the corner, I went a little faster, and didn’t hit the brakes at all. As I started to turn, I felt a little under steer, but for some reason she reassured that I would be ok. I keep the steering wheel in the same spot, ready to catch the car if it continues to under steer. All of the sudden, the Quattro system shifted all of the torque to the outside wheels flawlessly and off to the apex of the corner I went. It was perfect, effortless and astonishing.
I couldn’t wait to take her on the track.


  1. Thanks for the great story about your A4. I am in the process of trying to finalize a deal to order a new A5 Coupe with Quarto. Audi mades an exceptionally fine automobile and the 6 speed manual is a dream. Ed Garten, Dayton, OH

  2. Thank you for the comment. You won't regret getting the 6 speed A5. Have fun with it!