Sunday, May 8, 2011

The cars I almost bought as a teenager

MGA twin cams from the late 1950s. I ended up buying for $600 a 1959 MGA that had been rebuilt by a couple. Mine was quite convenitional, fun to drive, actually reliable, but beneath the surface rusting away.

I looked at a Corvette at a garage located on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. Its power scared this 16 year old way, and a good thing, given my driving abilites at that time.

Hi folks -- my first car was a 1959 MGA that I bought in high school in 1966. It ran all the time, but that was about it. I knew nothing about cars at the time and bought a refugee from a junk yard! Other cars that I looked at were equally problematic but in the end I steered away from them. I was fascinated with sports cars at the time and thought hard about a twin cam 1959 MGA. Good thing I didn't bite on that one since they are almost impossible to keep in tune -- especially so for a teenager who at the time did not no one end of a wrench from another! Then there was the 1959 Corvette, red and white, that probably would have killed me if I could have scraped up the money to buy it. And a 1964 Corvair turbo spyder, that I brought home to show my parents and promptly fogged up the yard with oil smoke! In His infinite wisdom, God protected me then as He does now.

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  1. I had an old MGA back in 66. What an amazing car it was. It is very rare to see them on the streets anymore. My buddy has a junk car removal service in Orlando and he called me up the other day letting me know he purchased a 1960 Corvette creampuff.