Friday, October 28, 2011

South West Ohio - Miami Valley Auto Dealers no longer in business

HI folks -- I don't know what I would do without Ed Garten's contributions to this blog post. This list, which in no way claims to be the definitive document, is a sobering reminder to all of us how the United States has changed over the years. Some of the disappearances are due to the economy's tendency to "Creatively destruct" from time to time, some reflect the passing of an era when smaller communities had dealers to service and make a difference, and incidentally make money in the village, town, or neighborhood.

No longer in business

Brookville Dodge
Cupp Ford
Grafelman Buick
Lee Miller Pontiac
Strausburg Motors (Dodge & Plymouth) 402 Hay St
Thorpe & Wysong Motors (Hudson) Rock St & Western Ave, Phone 128

Becker AMC/Jeep - Salem Ave
Bernie's Motor Sales (Edsels) , (Packard & Studebaker) 3626 W Third St, Phone AM8- 3489 Borcher's Ford - S Main St
Cantrell & Guy - Kettering Blvd
Central Motor Sales Co (Olds) - 800 W Third St
Central Olds - Monument Ave
Citizens Motorcar Company (Packard)- S Ludlow St
Davis Buick - S Main St
Dayton Buick Co - 349 S Main St
The Dayton Overland Sales Co (Overland)
Dayton Saturn North, Troy Pike
Dayton Saturn South
Dixie Dodge - South Dixie Dr
Gem City Rambler - Patterson Blvd & Ludlow St.
Hayden-Norton VW - Dixie Drive
J & V Motors (Studebaker) - N Main St
Jenkins Auto Sales Inc, 647 W Third St. Phone MI 4771
John Meyer Volkswagon - Salem Ave
Johnny Bench/Pete Rose Lincoln/Mercury - S Dixie Dr
Klyce Studebaker - Patterson Blvd
Krieger Motors (DeSoto/Plymouth) - 3800 N Main St CR4-2101
Lee Hilgleford Chrysler/Plymouth – 355 S. Main St. later at Webster & Keowee
Midtown Chrysler Plymouth
Moorman Pontiac - Shoup Mill Road
Paddock Pontiac – S. Main St
Peffley Ford - East Third & later N Main St
Peffley Edsel - East Third St
Penny Motors Inc (Oldsmobile) 839 N Main St, Phone AD 423
Ray Bryant Chevrolet - 1620 Brown St
Reliable Motors - W Third St
Reiger Motors (Studebaker) 4100 North Dixie Dr
Renault of Dayton - North Main St
Rogers Pontiac - 41 Franklin St
Rubicon Cadillac - N Main St
Salem Lincoln/Mercury - Salem Ave
Salem Chrysler-Jeep - Salem Ave
Shannon Buick - Salem Ave
Simons Cadillac
Sollenberger Motors (American Motors) - N Main
Stenger's Ford - 817 N Main & later on S Dixie
Stomp's Chevrolet - 225 S Main St
SWS Chevrolet - 26 E Third St
Tom Harrigan Oldsmobile/Nissan - Salem Ave
Toyota of Dayton – N Dixie Dr
Ungerleider Motor Car (Chysler Plymouth) - Keowee & Webster
Walker Brother's Oldsmobile - N Main
Walker Imports Triumph/MG/Healey - N Main
Walker Motors – 803 S Ludlow St. - Mercury>> Wm. H. Amlers Ford - Third & Main>>>>
Autohaus (Datsun/Nissan & others)
Jules Hilgeford
Lang's Chevrolet
Morning Star Dodge
Skyland Ford
Steve Tatone Buick
St John Buick Inc, 109 N Broad St, Phone 8-4628

Smith Chevrolet Sales
Danart Buick & Equipment Co - 310 E Central Ave
Deniston Oldsmobile
Fink-Jeske Chevrolet
Fox Motors (DeSoto Dealership only)
MacAfee Pontiac
Miami Motors (Chrysler-Plymouth)
Steuve Ford

The Howe Motor Co (Chevrolet) 1701 Central Ave

New Carlisle

Hal Gilliam Ford
Hall Pontiac Co - 120-122 S Main St
Hopkin's Chevrolet

Smith Chevrolet Sales, Inc,( aka SPS), Phone 4-44201

Tipp City
Thuma Motors (DeSoto) 2nd & Plum St

Tipp City Motors (Chevrolet) - Broadway

Trotwood>> Vaniman Ford

Harmon Lincoln/Mercury
Jules Hilgleford Edsel Sales/Service
Teegarden Lincoln/Mercury

Don Wagner Ford
Miller Chevrolet Sales - 373 E National Rd - Phone 4-4344
Vandalia Garage Inc - 229 E National Rd - (Kaiser & Willys Sales &>> Service)
Windsor Motors - Ford - S Dixie Dr Phone MO 4-4625

West Milton
E.L. Miller Motor Sales - East North Street - (Hudson)
Lucus Motor Sales Inc - 101 N Miami St - (Ford)
Miller Chevrolet – Phone 182
W. W. Norris Oldsmobile Co. - 690 S. Miami St, Phone 248-W

Ken Cole Ford


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  2. I hope that you did not list my dealership in your book as we are not closed. Fox Motors, Miamisburg.
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  4. A couple more:
    Bales Chevrolet, Yellow Springs
    Chuck Winner Chevrolet, Yellow Springs
    Oster Ford, Yellow Springs
    Village Ford, Yellow Springs
    Richardson Volkswagen Xenia
    Morningstar Chrysler Plymouth Fairborn (incorrectly listed as Morning Star, it is a translation of the family name which is Morgenstern).
    Tatone Buick, Fairborn (not directly related to the current Tatone Kia nee Ford but the same family)
    There was an import auto dealer in Yellow Springs that sold VW, Triumph, Porche and others. Richardson VW in Xenia was an offfshoot but I can't remember the name.


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