Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When Car Salesman Were Really Honored -- Uncle Damon, Ford Motor Company, and his 1954 Award

Uncle Damon and his Ford Ranchero (1957)

Thanks to Ed Garten for this story.

Visiting with my first cousin in Florida last week he shared with me the attached photo and letter when his father won a top salesman award from Ford Motor Company in 1954. Uncle Damon won a "Trip Around the World" from FMC -- one of the six similar awards given that year to salesmen across the six Ford regional districts. The letter announcing his award is attached. Because he was so busy selling cars, according to my cousin, he declined the free trip around the world and took the cash instead. Then two years later he used part of the cash prize to buy one of the first Ford Rancheros that were produced. See attached photo of Uncle Damon and his Ranchero (and with him dressed as a cowboy).

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