Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cars I Love 2 -- Porsche 356

Hi folks -- some of you know that I have a 1971 Porsche 911T targa that I have obsessed over for many years and resurrected from the "grave." Where did I get this love of the Porsche brand? Certainly not from my father who was the owner of many Chevys. My older cousins did not like foreign cars. I can trace it back to the above photographed toy, a Ditzler Porsche 356, of which I owned one as a child, in this color Cerulean blue. My aunt and uncle, who lived in Hambach, Germany,bought me a number of neat presents during the 1950s, I think in part to pay my parents back for the many packages they sent during the lean times after WWII. This particular toy had a cable controlled steering mechanism you could hook up, and if I remember correctly, some sort of floor shifter. I played with this toy for hours, and now wish I owned a light blue 356 instead of the 911. Any takers for a trade?

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