Thursday, April 26, 2012

Senior Citizens Driving

Hi folks -- When is it time to stop?  How do you keep your "right" to mobility despite deteriorating physical and mental skills? To surrender one's license is tantamount to giving up a part of your humanity. The decision to continue to drive is one of the most important dilemmas facing older Americans. All too often what results with the decision is increased isolation, a loss of social networks, and being a shut-in with a poor quality of life.

The alternative is to drive quite cautiously, much to the irritation of impatient drivers like myself, who chaff when getting behind a little old man or woman whose head is submerged below the front seat headrest. Or you find the Mr. or Ms.  Magoo who leaves a trail of accidents behind him or her as she perilously negotiates the street (Perish the thought of going on the Interstate!).

Thanks to Ed Garten for sending me the image.


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  2. It should be ok for seniors to drive as long as it's safe for them to do so and there aren't health issues that affect driving abilities.

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