Monday, November 5, 2012

Teens and Fatal Automobile Accidents

It seems to happen every few days in the Miami Valley (Dayton and vicinity).  7 students killed during hte past week -- 3 in Darke County, 1 in Springboro, 3 in Greene County. This time three young girls from Bellbrook, Ohio, just a few miles from where I live. And the driver survived and is home. What a call for parents to receive late in the night. How do we stop this from taking place as much as it does?  Should parents just be more aware of their children's activities and not let them stay out so late? Should teens be restricted from driving at night? Speed?? Should there be more mandatory driver education? No other technology takes as many lives as automobile.  We are against wars that kill a few thousand Americans a year. But auto accidents take many more from us. Cars can be engineered to be only so safe, and then it is up to the people who drive them, including young people.

Ed Garten's account after visiting the site of deadly crash :

This afternoon I drove by the Bellbrook teens crash site on Wagner Road (not too far from where you play tennis) and there were two Sugarcreek Township police cars there sort of guarding the crash site already strewn with dozens of flowers and teddy bears and such.  I stopped and talked with an officer and he said they were there because they expected teens from Bellbrook to stop by and because it was a dangerous stretch of highway they wanted to slow traffic down if young people were mingling around.
The truck they were in was coming from Kettering and across the bridge that goes over I-75 and makes a sharp curve.  As soon as one rounds the curve the road immediately has a high crown to it and one can see that any vehicle at a high rate of speed would hit the crown and become airborne in a split second.  The officers speculated that this is what happened and the truck then wrapped itself around a very large and old tree.


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