Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Transporting a Car Across the USA

Hi folks -- OK now that I bought a car in California, how do I get it back to Ohio?  Good question, since I do not have a true spring break this year and can't go out there and drive it back. The way it works is like this. First you have to select a broker -- after looking around the Internet I intuitively chose Head of the Pack Transport, located in Van Nuyes , Ca and run by Todd Ferguson. He had excellent ratings on the web  and while others did as well, I chose him. Do you want open or closed transport, as that will make a big difference in price? What Todd does is post the job with price and location to location on the internet, and truckers bid on it. Todd sets a price, and tries to figure out the best price break.  You can go low, but it might take a long time to get a trucker to agree on that price.  Todd also only selects truckers from his list of trouble free operations, as the truckers have their won ratings to deal with.  Then an agreement is made, the pickup takes place, you get a GPS location of where your shipment is at the time in question, and off we go.  Considering a $`175 broker fee, the rest is paid to the trucker in cash or certified check, and I am now looking at about $925 for the shipment door to door. I'll let you know how this all works out shortly!

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