Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cars with Evil Spirits -- do you have one?

Hi folks -- just reading an old post on a Mercedes forum about a guy who bought an old 380sl that bled him dry, so to speak. Every time he had something fixed another thing broke, and he kept on going to dealers to fix the car. One can become so path dependent that you just keep throwing money at the car, or as in this case, you throw up your hands and sell the car at a loss. Well, this particular guy wanted a good looking ride but came in with deluded expectations. The whole experience is a challenge -- where to I get the parts way below dealer and market prices? Where do I take to car for repairs when I can't do it? What can I learn as I repair the car myself?  Remember, you are working on yourself as much as the car!

Do I believe some cars are possessed by evil spirits. Yes, by all means!  They are not simply mechanical devices.  They can come off the assembly line bad, just as some people are born "bad to the bone." If you have one of these, get rid of it now!

What follows  was posted on another blog. Very interesting:
'Anaconda/Evil Spirit'
Honda Accord 2009
When this Honda came out last year, people were alarmed because it had one heck of a scary look when you first came across it, and it was BIG compared to its past models. It got its nickname from the look of its headlamps which look as menacing as the notorious Anaconda snake of the amazon jungle. The evil look of the headlamps also gained it a second nickname of ‘Evil Spirit’.


  1. I have an evil car! It’s aGran prix and I feel like