Monday, February 22, 2016

The 1957 Rambler Rebel Fuel Injected 288 BHP "Muscle" Car

There is an endless debate concerning what was the first "muscle" car? A 1950 Olds Rocket 88? A Chrysler 300 C? How about a 1957 Rambler Rebel?

AMC installed a 327 cubic inch 288 hp V-8 in it Rambler Rebel in early 1957. The engine was the same as in the Nash Ambassador and Hudson Hornet, but instead of the normal 4 barrel carburetor setup that produced 255 horsepower, a Bendix electrical fuel system was used. Compression remained the same at 9.5:1, with a moderate camshaft.

The key innovation was the use of the "Electrojector" electrical injection system that required no need for a high pressure metering pump. With larger injector nozzles, an electronic control box, transistorized circuitry activated solenoids at the injectors responding to timing, air temperature, engine speed and throttle position, etc.

There was only one Rebel model to order -- a four door hardtop in silver gray with full length bronze anodized aluminum molding.

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