Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A 1948 "Woody," a Young Boy, and a Family Legend -- Funny Story

1948 Studebaker features a highly styled wooden body. The curved tailgate and liftgate are quite unusual.

A Contribution from former University of Dayton colleague David:

This bit of family lore happened when I was too young to remember it.  
    My big brother (Frank, Jr., AKA "Frankie") was 5 back in 1949  when we were visiting my grandparents in the coal mining "patch" where my Dad grew up.  Our father was working on some carpentry for his father's home.  I was in diapers, so only have this as family legend:
    Frank Jr was pestering my Dad while he worked, and, not wanting the toddler in the way or in harm's way while he was making sawdust, my Dad gave him a smaller hammer and a handful of #10 common nails and told him, "Frankie, go practice with these."  Frank Jr went out front looking for some good wood to practice on and saw the side of our 1948 family station wagon, what they called a "woody" in those days, and drove the nails into the side of the car.  Later, finding this work done, my dad took Frank Jr into the kitchen, took off his belt and gave Frankie two good whacks across the butt.  My grandmother said, "Frank, don't hurt that boy."  My dad replied, "I'm not hurting him; I'm getting his attention."

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