Friday, October 14, 2016

The Bricklin, Documentary

Currently in HST 344 were are reading the Jason Vuic Yugo book. I found this video at Youtube and found it an excellent lead-up to the Yugo story. Bricklin is an interesting figure in automobile history.  How can a man be so careless in terms of business details and continue to come back from failure time after time? What does this say about entry into the auto industry in more recent times?  Should we now appreciate Elon Musk more for his apparent success at Tesla? I noticed there were today two SV-1 Bricklins for sale at Ebay -- one starting at 15K, the other at 27. Have we found ways to repair the cracks in the acrylic bodywork? The power train is Ford 351 Windsor based, and is relatively bulletproof. With only 2000+ made, they are scarce to say the least.

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