Sunday, January 22, 2017

Car Colors -- Popular and Not

Trends in car colors are a very big research matter for manufacturers from year to year going back to the 1930s when General Motors put significant resources in researching consumer preferences. Among the big questions are ones of what are the "hot" colors.

Psychologists have asserted that the colors of our vehicles tell much about the owners. Supposedly, cars are usually painted in bright colors and primary tones like yellows, light blues and reds during economic boom times. On the other hand, when the economy cools, so do the colors to include gray, brown, and dark blue. On one website the following is listed about colors and who you are:
            Black:  First choice of ambitious drivers who want to project an image of success.
            Red:  You’re outgoing and impulsive with a youthful attitude, but easily bored.
            Silver:  You have great style and are often successful, but tend to be pompous.
            White:  The first choice of doctors and drivers who are reliable and methodical.
            Gray:  Expresses understated good taste and indicates a safe, cautious driver.
            Blue:  A team player who’s sociable and friendly, yet lacks imagination.9

Below are British Preferences: U.S. data is slightly different!

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