Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cars & Coffee at Austin Landing, Springboro (Dayton) Ohio, May 27

An overast morning;  I got there a bit late to the new venue.  Actually, liked the Greene parking garage better, for what reason I do not know. Here are a couple of photos of the cars I found interesting.

Unlike the Friday night cruise-in in Beavercreek Ohio, this one attracts lots of young people. Cars are generally newer as well.

An interesting 1970 Datsun -- very original interior. Note the two mirrors on the fenders!

First time I have seen a Japanese flag at this or nay other show.  Two decades ago, this flag would probably have been burned in a GM town!

A superb BMW 3.0 CSI. Near perfect, beautiful exterior and interior.

Quite the BMW 3.0 CSI interior. Note the period Becker Europa Radio.

a 1968 Porsche 912 set up for Rallying

Detroit Iron, finally! Interior from a 1957 DeSoto Fireflyte.  The "Forward Look." Note auto transmission push buttons on left side. And the Benrus clock in the steering hub!

Rear of 1957 DeSoto. Note dual radio antennas, bumper exhausts. 

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