Friday, August 4, 2017

The 1933 Graham Blue Streak: A Driving Impression

This week I was fortunate enough to visit the Historic Vehicle Association's Allentown Laboratory and drive several cars from the Bulgari Collection.  Thanks to the hospitality of Mark Gessler, Casey Maxon, Keith Flickinger, and others, it was a most memorable experience. At the end of HVA and SAH discussions the four from the SAH -- Bob Casey, Don Capps, Ed Garten, and myself were given the opportunity to drive 4 cars around the track at the HVA/NB facility: a 1932 Buick; 1933 Graham Blue Streak, 1942 Oldsmobile with Hydramatic; 1948 Chrysler Town and Country.

The Blue Steak was one of the most innovative cars of the Interwar Era. Designed by Amos Northrup, chassis  modifications resulted in dropping the car three inches. The vehicle's art deco appointments, streamlined grill, a windshield that hinged open -- all contributed to a remarkable car that drives like something far more modern than a 1933 model.  The steering and handling was quite different than the 1932 Buick that I also drove. In sum, it was an unforgettable experience that I wish all reading this could do!

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  1. I have and I agree!

    Owner of a 1933 Graham Model 64