Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some Mary Kay Pink Cadillac Photos

Hi folks -- I was visiting with Ed Garten on Friday morning at a local Panera in Beavercreek, Ohio when Ed noticed that a Mary Kay Cadillac parked out front actually had a "Mary Kay" chrome trim designation placed on the trunk of the car. So I decided to check a few photos on the web and here are some that I found. Yes, it is more than a car that the women who sell Mary Kay products gain from taking on the challenge.

Mary Kay Ash purchased her first pink Cadillac in 1968. The car was repainted by the dealer before delivery to match the Mountain Laurel Blush in her compact. As it turned out, it was a rolling advertisement, and Mary Kay rewarded her top five producers with pinkCadillacs in 1969. Pink was an obvious color choice — matching the company's eye and lip color palettes. Since 1980, the shade used by the Mary Kay fleet has been exclusive to Mary Kay. Every two years, a Director can be eligible for a new Cadillac.

When the two year lease has expired, the cars are repainted, prior to being auctioned off. The shade of pink has changed over the years. In 1998, the color was changed to "pearlized pink."


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  2. What happens at the end of the lease? you dont get to keep it? can you buy it?

  3. You can chose an other car if you are still qualified to have a car.