Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mid-term Exam -- "The Automobile and American Life" University of San Diego, March, 2011

Mid-Term Dr. Heitmann HST 378 March 8, 2011 Name_________________________ I Identification and Significance. (50 pts.) Answer five of the following eight by writing a short paragraph (minimum 3 to 4 sentences) on each of your choices. Make sure you are as incisive and factual as possible with your response, and stress the significance of the person, place, or thing. 1. The Bicycle as a Technological Antecedent 2. The Origins of Mass Production 3. The Duesenberg Automobile 4. Harley Earl and his Art and Colour Group at GM 5. Edward S. Jordan and automobile advertising 6. The Transition to the All-Steel, Enclosed Automobile during the 1920s 7. The Automobile and the Origins of the Great Depression 8. Pre-WWII Blues Music and the Automobile Essay. (50 pts.) Answer one of the following by writing a coherent essay harnessing factual evidence whenever possible. Your answer should have both an introduction and a conclusion. It can be said that during the first four decades of its history the American automobile industry was guided by people of great vision. In your opinion, who were these individuals (you need not list every person, but those most important as you make your case), and what did they specifically accomplish? Be as specific and as detailed as possible in your essay response. Without doubt, the introduction and diffusion of the automobile during the first half of the 20th century resulted in enormous social change in America. Discuss the impact of the automobile on society and the American family, making sure to include: perceptions from the religious community; intergenerational conflict; courtship and mating; the place of women in the family; and finally, changes in home architecture.

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