Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back Home in Ohio for Spring Break -- Starting up the 1971 Porsche 911

Hi folks -- back home for a short break, but also hopefully a bit of research on stealing cars at the University of Toledo. First hing (almost) was to check on the hibernating Porsche 911. Before I left, I invested in a Battery Tender (available many places including Batteries Plus -- but much cheaper on Ebay). The Tender worked great -- a very strong battery system made starting the first time after 10 weeks quite easy. It took a while to get gas again to the Webers, and I did use one squirt of starter spray, but once running the car has been a dream. And I have had so much fun driving the car the last day -- over to Cliffs in Xenia Township, and here and there as well. Yesterday we had high winds and the cross winds moved the car quite a bit on I-675, but hat is expected from a rear engine car. After driving the blue Nissan the past ten weeks the differences are telling, however; the Nissan's Brembos really stop the car better than the Porsche, although the Porsche's brakes calipers need rebuilding.
But the existential joys of driving an old sports car outweigh any modern benefits.

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