Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Henry Ford's Legacy-- Initials Etched in a School Desk!

You can thank former colleague and friend Ed Garten for this post. What follows is taken from two emails sent to me from Ed:

John, I was up in Dearborn this past weekend and walked into the Scotch Settlement School in Greenfield Village (as you know the actual school in which Henry Ford attended elementary school).
they have a new "exhibit" in the rear of the school. Seems there is documented evidence that Henry sat in the rear, the second seat from the rear and they have the seat in which he carved his initials -- an odd way to carve H F --written as one joined letter. See the attached photo I took of the knife-carved initials that they have under a sheet of plexiglass.

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  1. After looking at the picture of Henry Ford's initials, it was certain to me that the particular style it was carved looks especially like cattle branding styles. Cattle brands are almost always done in a fashion that incorporated the design, or letters into a single joined line(s) as it was a part of the functional design.

    Very cool thing to see though, I can only imagine myself in his shoes sitting in the back of class, bored and whittling away at my desk.