Tuesday, August 3, 2010

John Sloan, his Paintings that Included the Automobile, and his Commentary about American Values

John Sloan, ca. 1916, "Hill, Main Street, Gloucester"
Sloan had a car enthusiast friend, Randall Davey, and his car adventures were interpreted in the artist's later work. The painting represents the speed and freedom (and kicked up dust!) that were gained during various auto trips, primarily in the southwest. Sloan, who began as a critic of the automobile and American values, slowly caught up with the more exhilarating possibilities of auto travel.
"The Movey Troup," 1920. Here Sloan equates the automobile with stardom, wealth, and the American Dream. Stars and their cars remains an interest fro many Americans -- see MTV's "Cribs."
John Sloan -- "Indian Detour" -- 1927 -- buses, tourists, and travelers surround a group so Santa Fe Indians while performing a ritual dance! No longer is it the wagons surrounding migrating settlers, as was the case in the 19th century. A new era of freedom, indeed.

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