Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dayton Concours, September 19, 2010 -- photos of some very special cars

Lots of old men with money here. If you are looking for a sugar-daddy, this might be the right place!

This is the car I judged to be the best in Class C. Among other things, it had correct Firestone "gum-dipped" tires!

Well, not everybody looks like a sugar daddy here! More people should try to get in shape with the PX-90 system.

A nice group of motorcycle entrants

$100,000 invested in this car. I would rather invest in a conco in Del Mar, CA, but then it is not my money!

Hi folks -- the Dayton Concours took place again at Carillon Park, a super setting for the display of historically significant vehicles. The weather was about as good as it could get, and from all appearances the crowds were large, with many of the beautiful people of Dayton and surrounding area showing up to look at the cars and also be seen.

I ended up judging 7 American cars, 1946-1968, and it was a tough job considering the quality of the entrants. My top choice was the 1956 Ford Crown Victoria with factory air, a terrific example with no significant flaws. judging is always difficult because your task is to find scratches, discoloration, inappropriate parts, etc. on cars that usually are far better than anything you personally own or drive. many of these folks have put in countless hours and often tens (or actually 100s) of thousands of dollars to show their cars. It is their money!

Thanks to friend and former colleague Ed Garten for these photos!!

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  1. Dad, there are so many things wrong with this post, I'm not sure where to begin.

    1. Don't talk about finding a sugar daddy at a car show. No woman really wants her husband to be obsessed with cars. They are a very expensive hobby.

    2. Thou shall not judge lest ye be judged. It's not PX-90, it's P90X. Sheesh, Dad.