Sunday, April 10, 2011

Driving Impression of the New Chevy Cruze

Hi folks -- sorry for being so quiet lately -- just too much to do in SD and then travel to Detoit and London, Ontario. So at the Detroit Airport I got a Chevy Cruze from Avis. Our family was a Chevy family going back to the beginning. When I was very young, my father had a gently used 1948 Chevrolet. Then we acquired in succession a 1954 Belair, Blue and white, a 1962 Chevy II Nova (there was a 1958 lemon yellow and indeed lemon Plymouth Fury in between), a 1972 Chevelle, and finally a 1979 Chevelle that was a terrible car with a defective THM-200 transmission coupled to a 305 V-8. That last car proved to be such a disapointment to my father that I since that time I have hated and decried Chevys and GM products at every turn. So it was with some trepidation that I started off with this Cruze on Thursday evening.

This car beats the old Cobalt all to hell. It handles well (almost too sensitive for my taste) and had a far better interior than I expected. Yet that interior is no better than my 2006 Nissan Sentra, so GM has come a long way, but initially it had a long way to go. Controls all make sense, the seats are comfortable, visibility relatively good, and the style is not bad for what I would still consider an econobox rather than a medium sized sedan that it is touted as.

I think this is a sensible car for a young family needing good, reliable transportation. The bow-tie doesn't mean much to a status -seeker, and it does little for self esteem. But as an appliance car it does the job it seems, but still it doesn't quicken the blood or touch deep emotions. But maybe I am asking too much out of an entry level car.


  1. Wow! Looks like your family really loves Chevrolet! It’s just sad that the last Chevy you had had defects. Well, I’m glad that the Chevy Cruze was able to amaze you again despite your hesitation at the beginning. The Cruze is actually one of the better models Chevrolet has made recently simply because it has very precise and responsive steering.

    *Tyra Shortino

  2. I think I will be a forever fan of the Chevy. Haha! From my first car up to my present car, they have all been Chevys. I’m currently driving a Chevy Impala. I really love it so much that I don’t let anyone else, not even my own husband, to borrow it. Haha. He has his own car anyway. :p

    Stelle Courney

  3. It’s nice that the Chevy Cruze had finally won you back, despite your bad experience with your last family Chevy. Well, who won’t be captivated with the “planet’s favourite Chevrolet car”? The Cruze is one of the safest Chevy cars that I’ve ever driven. Its standard 10 airbags are good enough to make you safe.

    >Carry Bacot