Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Visit to RM Restorations and Auctions, Chatam, Ontario

One of several beautiful cars parked outsidethe restoration facility
Two red M-B 300SLs were parked outside the shop.
I wan't supposedto take any photos of the restoration shop but took one before I knew it was prohibited!

Two examples of the many auction cars and motorscycles for sale!

Hi Folks -I attended the Society of Automotive Historians spring business meeting on Monday in London, Ontario. Tuesday we took a trip to Chatham, Ontario to the home of RM Restorations and Auctions. We were given a super tour of the shop -- some 30 people (including two shop women) work at a craft shop where each lead artisian is given a project car. Metal shaping, painting, and all work except fine machine work on done on the premises.

Next to the shop there is a building that contains cars slated for auction.
A sublime morning tour!

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