Saturday, June 4, 2011

Eddie's New Ride: Anniversary Silver Audi A5

This is a nice car! it better be, at $43 k! Ed Garten came by today to show me his newest acquisition, taking the place of his Volvo C30 and Pontiac Solstice GXP. Fit and finish tops on this car, inside and out. Special anniversary silver paint. Turbocharged 4 cylinder and 6 speed.
Audi Ingolstadt makes great cars. Back in 2009 I visited the factory, and wish Ed could have experienced a lunch at the factory and museum restaurant followed by a personal pick up. I hope he gets to the birthplace of his car in the next few years.

The electronic controls on this car stagger someone like myself who continues to drive older cars. Germans love complexity, and this Audi A5 is a typical example. So many menus on the dash you need to be pretty smart driving one of these. No hope for a Bevis and Butthead to get behind the wheel, I guess!

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