Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rebuilding an Old Porsche 911 Targa Top: Part I

Hi folks -- one writer has said that rebuilding a targa top is as difficult as rebuilding an early 911 engine. Well, I am about to find out whether that claim is true of not. A few weeks ago, while in California, I bought an old targa top for $50, minus the latches. I really wanted the guy to give the thing to me, but he would not come down to $0. So I got it home, and am now slowly taking the old headliner and skin off to restore.
I am amazed at how complex and well built this top was. It has numerous design features that really set me back in terms of how elegant the whole thing was. Last night I got the headliner off, and now need to clean this side and also take off the outer skin. I have a skin and headliner coming form a place in California that does convertible tops. I don't know if they are any good or not, but their price of $88 for both was rather amazing. We'll see if my cheapness leads to disaster in the very near future.
Note that this is an early targa top, 1967-1969. I did fit it on my 1971 and it fit well. It differs from later tops in that it is heavier, has very different side seals, and its headliner has a perforated material.


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