Thursday, September 6, 2012

My favorite Year -- 1955 -- The Golden Age of the Automobile at its best!

Hi folks -- far more coming on 1955 and autos in the days ahead! Brace yourselves.

 This Buick Century was a solid, upper middle-class symbol in 1955.  It was far out of reach for my family at that time. It was as solid as America -- the nation's economy and stable society.  But the winds of change were beginning to move.
 One of my first memories of riding in a convertible and the freedom derived from such a ride was from an experience with a 1956 Chevy convertible, not terribly different than the 1955 Indy pace car shown here.
 This Chrysler 300 C may be considered as America's first Post-WWII muscle car.
 I had a neighbor, John Healy, who destroyed one of these 1955 Thunderbirds in the early 1960s by putting a Pontiac 421 in this Bird. A crime against humanity, for this was one fabulous car, inside and out.
A Chicago street corner in 1955.  Trolley tracks have not yet been taken out. Note how difficult it was to negotiate the streets with that trolley in the way!


  1. Cars from the fifties never lost their allure. My favorite car from that era (although not exactly from 1955) is the 1952 Studebaker Starliner. We all know that the company was near its end during this time, but the Starliner at least gave some hope. Aside from its rather futuristic design, Studebaker engines were on the frontline as well. They mass-produced high-efficiency V8 engines, which is quite a feat at that time.

    Leisa Dreps

  2. Another reason why 1955 is considered The Golden Age of Automobiles is because of the popularity of custom cars and car racing. Having a hot rod in that era became such a big trend, and so many people got hooked on buying cars and customizing them. But then again, nothing beats the look of the original beauties of old.

    @Nicole Vickers