Saturday, September 29, 2012

The last cruise-in of the summer of 2012

A very nice 1973 BMW 2002.  The car had numerous decals indicating track time at Mid-Ohio and Watkins Glen.

The above three photos are from a 1973 Cougar XR-7 Eliminator. Nice car, but by 1973 the vehicle was getting heavy an overdone.

The above two photos are of a 1963 Volvo P1800. This is a very nice car. The owner showed me around it, and has discovered that actually it was made of three 1800s. So there is a Pressed Steel tag up front along with a Gotburg tag.  Similar kinds of evidence exist in the rear of the car. It has Weber carbs and is nicely set up.

An early MGB -- how early I do not know. It had an original Nisonger radio, the first I have seen in some time.
A nice early 1950s lightly customized ford -- note the Frenched headlights!

A good night weather-wise for the last cruise-in at Beavercreek, Ohio.  I had an adventure as well, as I noted that the Porsche was not starting briskly when I left the house for the event. That became a crisis of sorts when I attempted to leave the cruise-in, as the car would not turn over.  I got a jump, but as I was going home I noticed electricals were  fading -- dash lights, radio light, etc.  Turned off my headlights near home to conserve the battery,which I was running off of, and made it home. Today I discovered a loose wire going from the alternator to the voltage reagulator, which explained why the battery drained down and there was at the same time no red light coming on!  Should be repaired as of this afternoon -- I'll see in an hour or two when the battery is recharged and I take the car out for a spin

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