Friday, January 18, 2013

Auto History Trivia: Can you answer these car culture questions?

Hi folks --  a new feature of the blog. Test your knowledge against a pompous professor!

Choose the BEST answer.

1. Who invented the automobile?
a. George Selden
b. Gottlieb Daimlier
c. Carl Benz
d. Henry Ford

2. Name the oil heiress who, attired in a negligee, was buried in her Ferrari in 1977:
a. Barbara Hutton
b. Erin Rockefeller
c. Sandra West
d. Paula Matson

3. In 1958 a car was buried in Tulsa, Oklahoma and served as a time capsule. It contained a case of beer, just in case 50 years later there would be no more beer available. It was a
a. Thunderbird
b. Plymouth
c. DeSoto
d. Chevrolet

4. This machinist is usually credited with the invention of the carburetor:
a. Hiram Maxim
b. Wilhem Maybach
c. Carl Benz
d. Etienne Lenoir

5. The first automobile race staged in America took place in November 1895 in this city:
a. Chicago
b. Newport, Rhode Island
c. New York City
d. Indianapolis, Indiana

Images to help or confuse you!

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