Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hip Hop, Rap and Cool Rides

In part taken from Automobile, December 2012, p. 20.

Some show and prove rhythms about rides:

"I got bodyguards, I got two big cars
That definitely ain't the whack
I got a Lincoln Continental and a sunroof Cadillac."

Sugarhill Gang, "Rappers' Delight," -- 1979


"I got a big long Caddy, not like a Seville
And written right on the side it reads:
'Dressed to Kill."
Run-DMC, "Sucker MCs," -- 1984


"Hit the boulevard in my AMG
Ladies catchin' whiplash tryin' to glimpse the T"

Ice T, "6 'N the Mornin," -- 1987.


F***the past, let's dwell on the 500SL
the E&J and ginger ale

Notorious B.I.G., "One More Chance" -- 1994

Picture me rollin'in my 500 Benz

2Pac, "Picture Me Rollin" -- 1996


No matter how you try you can't stop it
I catch ya stuntin' in the
Bentley coupe cockpit

50Cent, "Like My Style" -- 2003


Church's chicken in my Lambo

Gucci Mane, Stupid Wild" -- 2009


She go wherever I go
whereever we go, we do it pronto

Kayne West. "Mercy" -- 2012


What goes around comes around
in the form of karma
Nah, that's probably just me
ridin' around your town in a Fisker

Slaughterhouse, "Weight Scale" -- 2012

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