Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Select Bibliography of American Road Trip Literature Published before WWII

Bedell, Mary Crehore. Modern Gypsies: The Story of a Twelve Thousand Mile Motor Camping Trip Encircling the United States. New York, 1924.

Copeland, Estella M. Overland by Auto in 1913: Diary of a Family Tour from California to Indiana. Indianapolis, 1913.

Dunn, Edward D. Double-Crossing America by Motor: Routes and Ranches of the West. New York, 1933.

Faris, John T. Roaming American Highways. New York, 1931.

Finger, Charles Joseph. Adventure under Sapphire Skies. New York, 1931.

Gladding, Effie Price. Across the Continent by Lincoln Highway. New York, 1915.

Higner, Dorothy Childs. South to Padre. Boston, 1936.

Hogner, Dorothy Childs. Westward, High, Low and Dry. New York, 1936.

Humphrey, Zephine. Green Mountains to Sierras. New York, 1936.

Post, Emily. By Motor to the Golden Gate. NewYork, 1916.

Stockett, Maria Letitia. America, First, Fast, and Furious. Baltimore, 1930.

Van de Water, Frederic Franklyn. The Family Flivver to Frisco. New York, 1927.

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