Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cover and Contents for my forthcoming book Stealing Cars: Technology and Society from the Model T to the Gran Torino


vii     Acknowledgments

  1        INTRODUCTION: Park at Your Own Risk
  7        CHAPTER 1. “Stop, Thief!”
 36       CHAPTER 2. Juvenile Delinquents, Hardened Criminals, and Ineffectual Technological Solutions (1941–1980)
 68       CHAPTER 3. From the Personal Garage to the Surveillance Society
 87       CHAPTER 4. Car Theft in the Electronic and Digital Age (1970s–Present)
115     CHAPTER 5. Mexico, the United States, and International Auto Theft
144     CHAPTER 6. The Recent Past

157     CONCLUSION: Stealing the American Dream

161    Appendix. Tables Summarizing Various U.S. Automobile Theft Crime Reports and Surveys, 1924–2010
179    Notes

205    Essay on Sources

211    Index 

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