Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beavercreek, OH, Friday, June 10, Cruise - In: A 1955 Ford Thunderbird and a 1955 Ford Convertible

Hi folks  -- I got to the cruise-in late yesterday and many of the cars were already gone.  What struck me from the cars that were left was this very interesting 1955 Thunderbird and the 1955 Ford convertible. 1955 was a great (maybe the greatest) year in American automobile history. And while Ford was overshadowed by the 1955 Chevy OHV V-8, the Ford cars from that year were particularly attractive and perhaps my favorite of all Ford years.  The T-Bird has a most unusual color and interesting hubcaps. The convertible had an off-color passenger side door, but I liked this car as being mostly original except for the wheels. Top down weather now!

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