Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tesla Sales in Norway

Observations from Ed, who is traveling through Norway:

This is hard to believe, but guess what the biggest selling brand car is in Norway now.......yes, Tesla.
Nearly 25% of all new cars now sold in Norway are 100% electric.  There are Tesla's everywhere and we are talking the expensive one.  If one buys any new car that is not electric the government tacks on 50% of the purchase price as a tax.  With 100% electric cars the government forgives the tax plus one is allowed to park an electric car in any garage that typically requires parking payment.  In addition, if one buys a Tesla or other electric car here one gets "free" electricity at government-run charging stations.  What a deal?  As a result even the common middle-class person here can buy what in our country would be $70,000 for a Tesla S.

Tesla Model S Burns to the Ground While Using Supercharger in Norway

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