Friday, June 23, 2017

Resistance to the Purchase of Foreign Cars during the 1950s

Hi folks -- there was quite a persistent resistance to the purchase of foreign cars by many Americans during the 1950s.  Later, I remember quite well my cousin arguing with me about the lack of reliability and availability of parts when I considered buying a used MGA during the mid-1960s.

Here is an excerpt from a letter to the Editor of Speed Age, January 1953:

Glossary for the potential owner of a foreign car:

Please don't touch the car -- You don't look prosperous enough.

Can't get enough of them -- Dealer's Car.

Needs a slight adjustment -- Anything falling off or a part.

Filter cartridge -- Expecting them in.

Spare Bulbs and gaskets -- Expecting them in.

Spark plugs -- Just sold the last set.

This guy is a foreign car expert -- He reads Autocar.

He takes his time and does a good job -- See your banker again.

She'll be OK now -- You won't get home.

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