Friday, October 23, 2009

1925 L.A. To Yosemite Economy Run -- Star and Flint Vehicles Dominate the Run -- Franklin, Duesenberg, Stutz also Scored Class Wins

The Rules were changed for the 1925 L.A. to Yosemite Economy Run. Observers were in all cars, "de-clutching" or coasting was prohibited, and small variants in individual cars were no longer allowed. All cars entered were to be the same as a car that would be purchased off the showroom floor.

The big news for 1925 was how successful Durant cars were in the various classes. Billy Durant, after being deposed at General Motors, went on the form his own car company that was named after him, and his Star and Flint brands were quite popular during the mid-1920s. And obviously, they were economical as well.

Star 4 Touring -- 29.09 m.p.g.
Star 6 Touring -- 23.60 m.p.g.
Flint Coach ----- 25.48 m.p.g.
Franklin Sedan - 20.00 m.p.g.
Duesenberg8 --- 19.86 m.p.g.
Stutz 8 Sedan -- 16.74 m.p.g.

1925 Star Touring

1925 Flint E 55
1925 Franklin Sedan
1925 Duesenberg 8 Touring1925 Stutz Sedan

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  1. Thanks for doing this! I have a photo of a Nash by the famous Yosemite tree that could be driven through. Now I know why it was there. Should I just scan the newspapers or do you know what year, or all years, a Nash from the Henderson Nash dealership in Santa Monica would have participated?