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Some things you can't buy -- Rick Ross, "Maybach Music" -- Do you have any idea who the Maybachs were?

1932 Maybach Zeppelin DS 8
2009 Maybach Zepplin 12

Rick Ross and his Maybach

One thing about all this hip-hop material and the cars they use in the lyrics -- Money doesn't buy class, or social standing. A liberal education does, however. How many folks even have the slightest sense as to who Wilhem and Karl Maybach were, and what he did? And not just the high-end car?

Wilhelm Maybach (1846-1929) was born in Heilbronn, Germany. An orphan at age ten,
at 19, he met Gottlieb Daimler. Daimler's protégé, M0aybach and his mentor worked together until Daimler died in 1900.
In 1869, Maybach and Daimler moved to Karlsruhe and worked for the Deutz engine company. While at Deutz, Maybach began to design lightweight, high-speed internal combustion engines that could be used in a number of stationary applications.

Following a dispute with the management, Daimler and Maybach left Deutz in 1882 and moved again: this time to Canstatt, near Stuttgart. The pair continued to work on new engines. Between 1882 and 1885, they designed a new engine and put it first in a cart, and then in a carriage. At that point, Maybach realized adding an existing horse-drawn engine to a carriage was not the way to go and began working on a new vehicle designed to be a true automobile.

At the Paris World Exhibition in 1889, Daimler and Maybach displayed their new car. It had features like steel wheels and a sliding pinion gearshift system.
A year later, in November 1890, Daimler and two partners founded "Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft" (DMG) or Daimler Motor Company. Wilhelm Maybach was chief engineer of this firm. However, the position did not work out, and Maybach left the company after only .

Over the next eighteen months, Maybach worked in an apartment and Gottlieb Daimler continued to provide financial support. Out of this period came important engine developments, including the new Phoenix engine with its improved carburetor and belt drive system.
Following a better offer, Maybach returned to DMG as chief engineer in 1895. There, he produced more innovations like the fan-cooled honeycomb radiator and the first four-cylinder automobile engine, laying the groundwork for the modern automobile. By this time, the French were calling him the "King of the Designers."
His most famous design came inApril of 1900. Emil Jellinek, Daimler's representative for Nice, asked Maybach and Daimler's son, Paul, to design a new, more powerful car he could sell to the wealthy residents of the French Riviera. Since Panhard already owned the rights to the Daimler name in France, Jellinek asked that the new car be named for his daughter, Mercedes. With Maybach's powerful engine and a revolutionary new body, including a pressed-steel frame, the new Mercedes quickly became a success and marked the end of the "horseless carriage" era of automotive design.

Wilhelm's son, Karl, was also a brilliant engine designer. In 1921, he created the Maybach automobile which became Germany's premier luxury car line. Karl Maybach (1879 - 1960) grew up with cars and followed in his father's footsteps.
The first Maybach, the W3, debuted at the 1921 Berlin Motor Show, where its advanced design gained a lot of attention. Like his father, Karl Maybach wanted to build the most technically advanced car possible and designed his products around the tastes and desires of the wealthy. Every Maybach was unique, with a custom body designed to the buyer's specifications. Maybachs were prized for their powerful engines and sophisticated transmissions. In 1929, he introduced the Maybach 12 DS, the first production car with a V12 engine.
In 1930, Karl Maybach unveiled the first of the legendary Zeppelins. The Zeppelin was an ultra-luxury car, even more expensive than the Horch, its only real competition. It carried a price tag of 29,500 Reichsmarks and some ran as high as 50,000 Reichsmarks, enough in those days to buy five large family homes or thirty-three Opel P4s. It's probably no surprise that fewer than 200 Zeppelins were built during its entire run.
From 1921 until the Second World War, Maybach built a total of 2,300 cars, including show cars and the early W1 and W2 prototypes. Today, only about 150 Maybachs remain, some bringing upwards of a million dollars at auction.

[Girl One] + (Girl Two)

What is this? (Maybach music)

I like this Maybach music

[Both Girls]

Come and take a ride
Come and take a ride

[Rick Ross]



[Rick Ross]

57 years, yes!

Blood for a D-Boy Hand my mack 11 to the engineer to record
Got the baddest women in the world for me to feed on
Double deck yacht, docked Boss, blowing weed up
Revenue incredible, it put me on a pedestal
Columbia to Mexico, I figure there was a better rule
Look at me, a model now
Models and bottles 'round
A Blood holla', ballin'
But the boys in blue, shot 'em down
Gang-affiliated, colors prosecutors painted
'Cause the niggas I employed, name synonymous with Mi-Yayo
Instrumental that are mental, Maybach kind of mental
400 off the lot, the block is monumental
Some things money can't buy
Like Heaven in the sky, even a better ride
In the rear, so many instruments I hear
Tucked behind curtain, no signs to fear (ROSS!)
I'm higher than a leer / Aaliyah
This Maybach music, designer shit I wear
May cause you to lose it
Close your eyes and inhale the smoke
It's Maybach music, the realest shit I wrote, nigga!
5 ounces, take a toke
Of this Maybach music, the realest shit I wrote


Fuck it then!

Black Maybach, white seats, black piping
Remind me of Paul McCartney and Mike fighting
You know, +The Girl Is Mine+
\+Life's A Bitch+, so +The Whole World Is Mine+
The six-deuce long, the curtains are drawn
Perfectly like a Picasso, Rembrandts and Rocco's
I'm a major player, 40-40's in Vegas at the Palazzo
They said it was not so
Certain things that money can't buy
Like being this fly
'Til then, I'm just gonna' ride!
I'm like G-Rap with better transportation
On the road to the riches, reach my +Final Destination+
And the lair, closer to a leer / Aaliyah
Say a +Prayer+, hope I get ta' see her
When I disappear from here - baby, yeah!
But I don't see the ending through these millionaire lenses
Just the Two M's on the emblem
The partition roof, translucent and Humador
Where refrigerators, where Ace of Spades – two I store!
True story, my closet is like two stories
Cut to the happy ending, 'cause I don't do stories
Shawn Corey, real rap
The Maybach is bananas, peel back!
You feel that?
YOUNG! C'mon!


Realest shit I ever wrote, chillin' in my Maybach
8-track episodes, been doing this since way back
Since way back, since way back
8-track episodes, been doing this since way back!
Realest shit I ever wrote, chillin' in my Maybach
8-track episodes, been doing this since way back
Since way back, since way back
8-track episodes, been doing this since way back!

[Rick Ross]
Can't be stopped now
We got too much cake

[Rick Ross]
They pinching pennies, while I'm muscling for meals
And the muscle be that muzzle, when I stuff it in your grill
Stuffed shells - thanks to crack, I crack
Crab and lobsters, not all mobsters
Imposters - got cha!
Boy, I got an eagle view, slanted on my balcony
Can only stay a week or two, so many people out for me
I bulletproofed the Maybach
Got a killer's intuition
Holding on that mack 11, Makaveli premonition
Waiting on my Suge Knight
One nation under God, since I chose a thug's life
Guess I gotta' play my part
Never will I die, my name symbolize
The hustle for young killers coming from the other side
Some things your money can't buy
Like Heaven in the sky, even a better ride
I'm large, my black car
Menagin' black broads, massage for frauds
I'm livin' large, sellin' fat rocks
In the +Killin' Field+ of hip-hop
Runnin' up on the car, you get popped, mopped and dropped!

I'm The Boss!

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