Thursday, October 22, 2009

More on the L.A. to Camp Curry Yosemite Economy Runs -- 1924 -- Overland and Gardner Cars

Attached are a few very hard-to-find images concerning the 1924 L.A. to Camp Curry Yosemite Economy Run. The presentation photo was taken from the May 25, 1924 Oakland Tribune, as is the table of contestants. The images of the Overland and Gardner are for those like myself who had very little knowledge of the many cars of that day that were very competitive in these competitions yet have disappeared from the scene. The Gardner, for example was made in St. Louis, and the McFarlan was a very high-end automobile fitted with custom bodies made in Connersville, Indiana. Very few of these orphan cars survive. Yet, they were tough enough in their day to make the challenging road trip to Yosemite, including the hill climbs over the Tioga Pass that faced drivers the second day of the trip.
And the miles per gallon numbers were impressive, both in the day and today!

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