Monday, June 28, 2010

How can we have true financial reform if automobile dealers are excluded from the Bill that President Obama will sign on July 4!!

Hi folks -- more smoke and mirrors from the federal government! The financial reform bill hailed as a great victory by the Obama Administration and for the American consumer excludes auto dealers -- those who actually write up 80% of all loans issued to the public. The dealers have Congress in their pockets, and consequently this Bill, which is seen as placing new rules in place that will reign in the banks, does actually very little in terms of changing the lives of ordinary Americans and their most common financial dealings. So it goes back to the old question of who owns this government? Not you and me, because we haven't paid for it! It is the lobbyists and their backers that hold the purse strings, and the Obamaites wants to make us feel that we are gaining new freedoms, when in actuality we are more manipulated than ever.

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