Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Photos of One of the Greats of Early Automobile Racing in the U.S., "Wild" Bob Burman.

Bob Burman, race car driver

[Race car driver Bob Burman and his "Blitzen Benz"]
Photo shows race car driver Bob Burman and his "Blitzen Benz."
Photo shows race car driver Bob Burman and his "Blitzen Benz."
Photo shows race car drivers Bob Burman, Louis Disbrow, Jack Tower, and Joe Grennon

Burman & De Palma

Bob Burman's car after accident - Indianapolis

all photos from the Library of Congress

Bob Burman (23 April 1884 Imlay City, Michigan – 18 April 1916 Corona, California) was an active in the formative years of auto racing. He competed at the Indianapolis 500 in 1911, and was the winner of the first feature race at the track in 1909.

Burman was killed in a road race in Corona, California, when he rolled over in his open-cockpit Puegot. Three spectators were also killed, and five others were seriously injured. His death led Barney Oldfield and Harry Miller to design an construct a race car that incorporated a roll cage inside a streamlined driver's compartment that completely enclosed the driver (called the "Golden Submarine").


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