Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chevy Volts Did well in June, 2012 -- How will the Leaf fare?

GM stated today that 1,760 Volts were sold in June, a good number although it will take more than that to reach the 45,000 a year target set earlier that now has been put on a shelf. in part the sales increase may be due to the Volt now being allowed a privileged place on California commuter lanes.

Nissan leaf sales have not done so well in the recent past, although with the ramping up of production in Tennessee as a the result of a low cost $1.4 Billion loan, perhaps the story of the Leaf in the U.S. is only in its beginning chapter.

But, with gas here in Ohio now down to the level of $3.20, will anyone want to buy a Volt or Leaf with so many better cars available for the asking at comparable prices?  Our current culture of selfish individualism dictates against that long run environmentally-friendly choice.

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