Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Review: The Driving America Exhibit at the Henry Ford

 One highlight of the exhibit is an a excellent short film on the history of car culture in America.
 As you begin (or end) your walk through you can stop and eat at a dinner from the late 1940s!
 As you go down a walk way and change levels, this 1955 Chevy looks right at you!
 A 1955 Corvette Headlight

 Neon signs are used very effectively throughout this exhibit.
 The Engine of Henry Ford's famous 999
 A Land speed breaking vehcile from the mid-1960s
Ohio George's drag car -- from Dayton, Ohio!

Hi folks -- I just got back from the Henry Ford and wanted to post a few photos.  Much more on this exhibit   and other photos will shortly follow. My compliments to Bob Casey and his staff for a terrific effort!

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