Sunday, July 29, 2012

P2O == Porsches to Ohio, July 28, 2012

 What is this thing doing here!  Nice eccentric VW, but it perpetuates a historical misconception.

 Friend Kirby with his newer acquisition!

Hi folks -- I wan't planning on going to Granville, Ohio on Saturday to P2O, as the site change from Oxford, Ohio disgruntled me a bit and I was simply tired.  But I got a call at 7 a.m. from Cliff asking if I had left yet, and him wanting to go.  So I slowly woke up, got my car ready to go, and took off to Xenia to pick up cliff.  As it turned out, Cliff wanted to drive his 944, so off we went in a non-air conditioned water pumper Porsche.
Starting in Centerville, this trip is not nearly as scenic -- much of the way is typically on I-70 unless you make a new off-the-beaten-path route that is not as direct.  It was sort of weird on the road, as we did not see one Porsche until we got to Granville, and for a while I thought this event had been canceled or moved! When we got there, traffic was terrible and parking was worse, as the town had put so many no parking signs one had to park far away if not clever and resourceful. We were the latter, and took in what proved to be a good but hardly great event.
Complaints include no real swap meet or used parts; folks only rarely opened their cars front and rear, so only infrequently could we see engines and boots; some folks friendly, but also a number of pompous owners and trophy wives with relatively new cars. "My dog is bigger than your dog." I depise those non-technical materialists.

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  1. John, Thanks for the "compliment", that's my "eccentric VW". I get the whole history thing, and fully understand that the technical aspects between the VW and Porsche pretty much went different directions after about the second year of Porsche. I was there basically for a bit of comic relief, and to help advertise the upcoming Volksfest car show, the following weekend.