Friday, October 5, 2012

A Ukrainian Taxi Driver and his Slavuto -- a contribution from Ed

Here is a Ukrainian story for “car guys” to enjoy.  We had a taxi driver in Kiev.  He drove one of the last Slavuto automobiles, the last “national” car brand made in Ukraine.  I have attached  photos of the young man and his taxi. 

We talked about the vehicle and he pointed out that Ukrainian automotive engineers had bought a French Peugeot and an Italian Fiat and attempted to take the best of each car for their design.

As you can see, it didn’t much work as the car is quirky and aesthetically unappealing. 

But the driver told me that “government officials” then mandated that the car company take out costs so that the car could be marketed more inexpensively.  He then showed me the wheels which, with normal small cars, would have five but sometimes four lug nuts at a minimum.  But the Slavuto had only three lug nuts and so they were able to decontent the car and save a few more pennies per vehicle.  Three lug nuts on each wheel it would be. L 

As we neared our destination, the driver handed me his business card and noted that he wanted to expand his taxi services to become more entrepreneurial.  His business card listed his name and contact information and then the three services he offers or plans to offer:


As I paid him, I asked him what “Special Services” were. 

His reply, with a wink: “Girl” J    Ah, entrepreneurship in the Ukraine J

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