Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Greatest Swap Meet of Them All -- AACA Hershey, October, 2012

Hi folks -- Thanks to Ed for the photos. Old cars, more parts than you can ever imagine, old men, understanding wives.  That is what Hershey in October is all about. Foreign car parts are hard to find, but for Model T and A, Packard, Chevy, Cadillac -- it is somewhere on the grounds!  It takes days to see it all, and of course there are many dreamers as vendors who price goods well beyond they are worth.  And there are cars for sale -- Cadillacs, Chevys, Fords, Buicks, Mercs, MGs, expensive (200K+) and rusted out hulks. Almost all the folks are friendly and love to talk cars -- even those from the NYC area!  I didn't buy much --only one book -- as what I was interested in was overpriced.  There was one Model T anti-theft device a say on Thursday but could not find the vendor's table on Friday to close the deal!  The moral of the story: when you see it, buy it.

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