Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rebuilding an early Porsche 911 Shifter -- a hellish little job!

Hi folks -- it started as a project to add two Weltmeister springs to a worn shifter mechanism. It is now something bigger!  Once I got the shifter mechanism off I noticed that the lockout plate was worn.  It should be a totally straight piece of metal. I got a new one at Automotion (very prompt order delivery!). I put that on and decided to first pout the two stock springs on.  First one went on pretty easy -- just I just strained my guts for about 5 minutes.  The second proved near impossible. After exhausting myself and taking a break, I came back to th project after looking at the photo in my Porsche shop manual.  Aha! This time using my magic self made tool the spring went on.  Shifting still somewhat difficult in terms of avoiding reverse when I go from first to second gear.  I did readjust the coupler to no avail.  Next step putting in those Weltmeister springs, after I finish grading papers. Note the special modified screwdriver. You need to make this no matterwhat else you do, or otherwise you will be doomed.

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