Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More on African-Americans and Cadillacs

Some reflections after reading several years of the Los Angeles Tribune, an African-American Newspaper. First, the color of the Cadillac was almost always mentioned in the articles and entries.  It could be as simple as white(which is mentioned more than any other color by far!), or as colorful as robin-egg blue, pink, or lavender. Often it was mentioned in news about performers,whether it be Sam Cooke, Sammy Davis, Jr,. Eartha Kit, or Duke Ellington. Other owners included ministers, funeral home directors, bookies, pimps, drug dealers, lawyers, or those with underworld connections. Several times, notorious black traffic offenders or those wanted for other crimes were in the company of white women.
In the breezy social columns prominent African-Americans were sometimes listed as traveling in their Cadillacs, or enjoying their new Cadillac.

No other car is given such media attention in the Tribune, although The Ford Thunderbird and Lincoln Continental is mentioned in passing.

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